Andy Anderson, Ph.D.

Academic Technology Specialist


Mathematical and Spatial
Data Analysis


Supporting: The software applications ArcGIS and Mathematica, along with related mapping technologies such as GPS and Google Earth, numerical applications of Excel, and programming languages such as Fortran, C, C++, and Java.

Background: Ph.D. in Physics. More than twenty years experience in research, teaching, and using and supporting academic technology in higher education.


Phone: (413) 542-2255       AIM: AndyAndersonPhD

Office: 111 Seeley Mudd Building

Amherst College

Information Technology

Academic Technology Services


Beyond Chalk: Using the Web to Animate Your Class

Presented at: Amherst College Fall Mellon Seminar, 2001-10-10;

and Five College Conference & Multimedia Fair:        
     Transforming Practice with Technology
, 2002-03-01

Excel in the Curriculum

The Basics of Using Excel

Graphing with Excel

Grading with Blackboard and Excel

Collecting Data with Excel

Presented at: Amherst College January Mellon Workshop, 2002-01-15;

Amherst College Spring Mellon Seminar, 2002-02-20;

and Amherst College Interterm Faculty/Staff Short Course 2003-01-14…16

Introduction to JavaScript

Presented at: Amherst College Curricular Computing Summer Intern Training, 2002-06-19;

and Amherst College Curricular Computing Summer Intern Training, 2003-06-12…13

Summer Intern Projects

Faculty-student educational projects facilitated:

Chemistry Interactive Tools:
Mathematics Course Website:
Astronomy Animations:
Revisions of Three Chemistry Sites:
Math & Computer Science Interactive Tools:
First-Year Seminar Course Websites:
Geology Lecture Images:

Introduction to Mathematica

Presented at: Amherst College Faculty/Staff Short Courses, 2002-10-25 and 2003-05-20…22;

and Amherst College Curricular Computing Summer Intern Training, 2003-06-20

Introduction to Mathematica for Chemistry Students

Presented at: Amherst College Chemistry 44 Laboratory, 2003-09-02

1. Numerical Manipulation

2. Symbolic Manipulation

Don't have Mathematica? Get MathReader

Mathematica Users Group

Presented at Amherst College:

Graphing in Mathematica, 2002-11-19

Programming in Mathematica, 2003-04-25

webMathematica, 2004-04-30

Visualizing Scientific Concepts, 2004-10-15

New Features in Mathematica 5.1, and the GUIkit, 2005-04-29

gridMathematica and the Parallel Computing Toolkit, 2005-11-09

Mathematica 6: “The Most Important Advance in Its 20-year History”, 2007-05-17

Organized at Amherst College:

New Features in Mathematica 5, 2003-09-12

Fun Stuff

Where's Albert? An Example of an Asynchronously Moving Image

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